HIPAA Regulations Timeline

HIPAA could be considered a work in progress. Here is a brief history of how the regulations were developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS):

- November 3, 1999: HIPAA Standards for Privacy published in the Federal Register.
- December 20, 2000: Final HIPAA privacy regulations are issued in a 1500+–page document.
- February 28, 2001: HIPAA rules reopen for public comment. Compliance date is pushed back.
- July 8, 2001: DHHS releases the first HIPAA privacy guidance statements.
- February 20, 2002: DHHS releases further information about delay in implementation of HIPAA guidelines to April 2003 and to 2004 for smaller organizations.
- August 14, 2002: DHHS releases final HIPAA regulations published in the Federal Register.

Throughout the history of the development of the HIPAA guidelines, confusion and politics molded the regulations. Compliance dates were pushed back, and numerous public comments and FAQs were issued to help clarify various pieces of the regulations.

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